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a unique blend of comfort, grip & performance
Our unique polymer blend creates a surface that is water resistant, shock absorbing and grippy – even in the wettest of conditions. Perfect for cyclists who love all kinds of riding – but especially for those who love to get grit, sand and mud all over their pride and joy.

keep things looking top notch
A quick wipe with a damp cloth and some elbow grease is all that is required to keep our tapes fresh as daisies! With their water resistant qualities, give them a good hose if you really like!

Burgh "X" Stealth Bar Tape

Out of Stock
  • This tape is for those that love being flamboyant in a stealthy way.

    Featuring Spot UV print, the black on black glistens when light kisses it at the right angle, leaving people gobsmacked that it wasn’t just your standard old black tape. It’s the little details that count.

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