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Looking To promote Cycling At Your Workplace?

Do you or your colleagues cycle to work?

Numerous studies have shown that employees who cycle to work are punctual, healthier, more productive and less stressed. If your employees cycle to work - or you have a fleet of cycles to maintain - we have a mobile bike workshop service and can come to your workplace to provide thorough safety checks and servicing. With out corporate package deals, it couldn’t be more efficient.

How does it work?

We will liase with you to schedule a suitable day for us to come and service your bikes. On the day of service, employees bring their bikes to work and "check in" with the Velo Care staff, we will then assess each bike and contact the employee (via their preferred contact method) to give a service quote before any work is carried out on the bike. Once given the go ahead, we'll carry out the service and return the bike to complete the process. We take either cash or card payment supporting all major card schemes available.

Corporate Care Program and Pricing

Employee Direct Care Program

We deal with the employee directly and they cover the cost of the servicing, no costs are to be recovered from the employer. With group bookings of 5 bikes or more employees will receive a 10% discount on all service packages and corporate discounts on any parts if required.

Employer Subsidised Care Program.

Basic services are paid for by the employer from as little as £25 per bicycle, any further servicing or parts needed are paid for by the employee and prices are based on our website service packages. An example of the pricing as below:



If you, your employers or your colleagues are looking to increase cycling at your workplace then having corporate care servicing programme on-site is a great way to promote it. Get in touch at for more information on getting our mobile bike workshop service to your workplace.

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