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a unique blend of comfort, grip & performance
Our unique polymer blend creates a surface that is water resistant, shock absorbing and grippy – even in the wettest of conditions. Perfect for cyclists who love all kinds of riding – but especially for those who love to get grit, sand and mud all over their pride and joy.

keep things looking top notch
A quick wipe with a damp cloth and some elbow grease is all that is required to keep our tapes fresh as daisies! With their water resistant qualities, give them a good hose if you really like!

Burgh Hieroglyph White Bar Tape

Out of Stock
  • Burgh’s Hieroglyph Bar Tape is a throwback to the Egyptian times.

    Using a grid based formula, some funky looking elements and of course a few X’s here and there, this tape is subtle enough even for the conservative, but wouldn’t look out of place anywhere.

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